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Don’t miss the Worldwide Premiere of the X-Men: Days of Future Past final trailer at 8pm PT.

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Trying to get in the house when you gotta shit

Trying to get in the house when you gotta shit

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Dope kicks 


Dope kicks 

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Now Hip Hop Intro Clip [Official] (by Nowhiphop Dotcom)

The Advanced Promo Package includes: A feature on the website, a spot in the Magazine, Promotion on all the social networks we are apart of, Promotion by me & Moe Rock, Interview, your tracks well be played on the radio, and I will feature your music on my other own website/blog. The cost of this package is $650 if you can’t pay it up front will take a deposit. 

The simple Promo Plan Includes: A feature on our website, music played on our radio, and feature on my blog for about $150 
(These Promo Packages are available for artists & clothing lines )
If you need a example of what a feature on is click this link: (Keep in mind that I work with what you give me)
Thank You,
Ti Tye Senior Editor of Now Hip Hop 


Breaking Out!

By Carl Bannister

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Rick Owens Runner Shoes

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Memories from a 90’s Kid

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Greatness is when you define yourself and not let the world define you

Stop Falling For The Same BullShit